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Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Bassoon Sales and Consultation

Bassoons for Sale - Please Check regular for listings and pictures of instruments not limited to bassoons

Experienced Bassoonist and buyer/seller of bassoons

I Deal in Heckels, Puchners, Foxes, and other bassoons

I have studied bassoon with:

Jon Pederson of the North Carolina Symphony

Kathleen McLean at Indiana University

Catherine Marchese, a Loren Glickman student

Constantin Barcov - Malmo Opera, Malmo Sweden

Michael McCraw at Indiana University on Baroque and Classical


Ponder Bassoons -

When looking to buy or sell bassoons contact Daniel Ponder.

I help buyers and sellers with their instruments, I love helping you find the right instrument and perfect match for your needs.  I also love helping you if you are looking to sell your instrument.